5 Places to See Fall Colors Around Las Vegas

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5 places to see fall colors around las vegas

The Mohave desert that surrounds Las Vegas doesn’t experience much color change in the fall season. However, we are fortunate to have many beautiful locations within just a few hours of Las Vegas that provide a spectacular fall color show.  Here are 5 places to see fall colors around Las Vegas:

  1. Spring Mountains:  Just a short drive from Las Vegas, especially on the Kyle Canyon side, you will find a remarkable forest of pine and Aspen trees. In early fall (end of September to early October) the aspen and oak trees start to turn dramatic shades of orange and yellow. The Spring Mountains are a great place to spend the day hiking and exploring.
  2. Floyd Lamb Park: this 2,000-acre park is a desert oasis with natural springs and lakes.  The park is filled with giant cottonwood and oak trees that transform to vibrant yellow and orange shades in the fall.  Floyd Lamb Park is a haven for fishermen, bird watchers, and families looking for a great place to take photos.
  3. Great Basin National Park:  A few hours drive from Las Vegas will take you the base of Mt. Wheeler and Great Basin National Park. There are few places in Nevada more rugged and beautiful than this area. Falls colors are abundant and there are many things to do and see in the area. Visit Lehman caves, watch for elk, deer, and antelope and just take in the grandeur of the snake valley and Mt. Wheeler. If you have never been to Great Basin, this is the time of year to make the journey.
  4.  Caliente & Rainbow Canyon: Caliente is just a couple of hours from Las Vegas and is a hidden gem in the high desert. The area is rich in Nevada history and the locals are very friendly. Nearby Rainbow Canyon is lush and green in the summer and changes to orange, gold and yellow in the fall.  Take US 93 north from Las Vegas and then take route 317 south towards Elgin.  Be sure to stop at Kershaw-Ryan State Park and visit the historic Elgin schoolhouse along the way.
  5. Zion National Park:  Perhaps no other area in the Southwest is as spectacular in the fall than Zion National Park.  Take I15 north towards Salt Lake and take exit 16 just past St. George (route 9 towards Hurricane, UT).  Zion is worthy of at least 2 days to explore the incredible scenery and backcountry. The scenic loop drive is amazing during the fall, with golden-orange oaks and cottonwood trees contrasted against the giant sandstone mountains. Make sure you take the time to drive route 9 all the way to highway 89.

We hope you take the time this fall season to see some of the incredible places around Las Vegas to see fall colors.  If we’ve missed a spot that you enjoy make sure to comment below!

Image: Iuliia Burlachenko/123rf