5 Steps to Burglar Proof Your Business

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5 steps to burglar proof your business

As a business owner, there are plenty of risks that you should be aware of, from product recalls to injuries on company property. A major risk that many business owners tend to forget about: burglary. If business owners do not take the proper steps to protect the business from burglars, the building may end up becoming a target much sooner than later. Here are 5 steps to burglar proof your business that are simple to implement and cost-effective.

5 Steps to Burglar Proof Your Business

  1. Use adequate lighting. No one likes to be put in the spotlight, especially criminals. Flood and motion detectors are great for this. Be sure to keep lights on indoors, too.
  2. Sound the alarms. No burglar wants attention drawn to them. Make sure an alarm will sound and notify the police if your place is broken into.
  3. Install sturdy locks. It is important to have deadbolt locks on each door and locks on sliding windows. Consider commercial grade locks that a pick and tamper resistant.
  4. Use burglar-proof glass. Burglars will be in for a rude awakening when they cannot break the glass as easily as they imagined. They may flee the scene and never come back. An alternative is to install a breakage resistant film on the existing glass.
  5. Hide the valuables. Whether you take valuables home with you or use a safe, it is important that they are not in plain view. Most burglars are looking for the simple smash and grab and anything left in the open is likely to be taken.

Comprehensive Business Insurance

By following the steps above, you may be able to safeguard your Nevada business from the worst case burglary scenario. In the event that your business does suffer from this type of issue, your business insurance policy will be there to help pick up the pieces, specifically your commercial property insurance policy. For more information, contact our agents today.

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