5 Ways to Save on Las Vegas Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance is not an exciting topic.  Unless that is, we are talking about ways to save money on auto insurance.  If you are interested in ways to cut costs, read on for 5 ways to save on Las Vegas auto insurance.

1. Install a Telematics Device

If you don’t mind your auto insurance company monitoring your driving habits, a telematics device can provide huge savings.   The process is simple but it does take a few months before a discount can be earned.  Auto insurance providers that use a telematics device generally watch for a few key bad habits:  hard braking, speeding, high daily miles driven and, sometimes, driving late at night.

2. Follow Traffic Laws

We know this one is no fun but it’s really just common sense.  If you break traffic laws eventually the po-po will find you.  Not only are traffic tickets expensive, but they’ll mess up your otherwise low auto insurance rates.  You don’t have to drive like Grandma, but be safe and follow the law and your wallet will thank you later.

3. Drive a Sensible Car

Another boring suggestion, we know, but driving a sensible car will keep your car insurance rates in check.  What is a sensible car?  Think a sedan, minivan, crossover or pickup.  If the model name includes things like GT, SS, Sport or Turbo – it’s probably not “sensible”.   If you must have a non-sensible car, at least wait until your 40’s for a genuine mid-life crisis to occur.

4. Keep Up Your Credit Score

Credit swagger keeps your auto insurance rates low.  Why? Well, apparently there is a strong correlation between high credit scores and low rates of insurance claims.   Folks with good credit tend to pay much less for auto insurance.

5. Ask for Discounts

Auto insurance companies are constantly tweaking and improving their programs.  New discounts are added all the time and if you don’t ask you might be missing out.   Call your agent and ask what discounts are available on your plan.

Last, but certainly not least, if you still think your auto insurance rates are too high, it might be time to contact Safeguard for a quote.  You can call us or get a quote online in just a few minutes.  Chances are we can save you some serious money.  Plus, you’ll get world-class service from a local agent – not a call center in Timbuktu.

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