Auto Accident Tips

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auto accident tips

Auto insurance is one of those “necessary evils”, right?  Something you pay for every month and hope you never have the misfortune of using.   If you call us to make an auto insurance claim, it means something bad has happened in your life. And, no matter how good your coverage, an insurance claim is always a disruption.  Here are some auto accident tips to make the process as simple as possible and ensure that get the most from your auto insurance policy:

  • Take photos at the scene of the accident.  Regardless of who seems to be at fault, whip out that cell phone and start snapping photos of both vehicles.   Make a note of the other drivers behaviour and condition (i.e. do they appear confused, medicated, intoxicated?).   Photos can help the adjuster reconstruct the accident and determine speed, vehicle position, speed, etc.
  • Call the police immediately.   Your insurance company always prefers to have a report of the incident that was completed by a law enforcement officer.  There are times the police will not responde, such as an accident on private property, and in those cased make a report at the police station as soon as possible.
  • Report the claim as soon as possible.  Your insurance company cannot begin paying the claim until they hear from you.   The sooner you report it, the quicker the claim process will begin.   Most insurance companies prefer you call them directly.   You can look up the 24-hour phone number on our Claims page.
  • Document EVERYTHING including the name of the person that took your claim call, the adjuster who calls you back, the date and time of every conversation. We know it is tedious, but in the event of a dispute, the more information you have the better we can assist in resolving the concern.
  • Remember you can choose which auto body shop fixes your vehicle.   Most insurance company’s have network repair shops (often called DRP or direct repair program).   The DRP shops can make things very convenient because they will inspect the vehicle, write up the estimate and deal with the adjuster directly.   In many cases, the insurance company will not even have a representative look at your vehicle, if you use a DRP shop.   However, there are times we might recommend a different repair shop for your car.   Contact us to discuss the repair facility the adjuster is recommending to you.
  • If you are injured, seek medical attention right away.  Be prepared to answer questions about your medical history with the insurance adjuster.   The adjuster may even ask for your SSN, which you are under no obligation to provide, to search a national database of insurance claims.
  • Never agree to a final settlement if you are still being treated for injuries or your condition is unresolved.
  • Seek legal advice if you feel the insurance company is treating you unfairly or purposely delaying settlement.   You might also consider contacting the Nevada Insurance Comissioner for free advice.
  • Involve your agent.   We want to make sure you are a happy customer for life and if any part of your insurance claim is not going right, call us.  We’ll get involved and do whatever we can to bring satisfactory resolution.

We hope these auto accident tips are helpful. For additional information, check out the Consumer Federation of America’s Auto Claim Guide.   As always, contact us with any questions.

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