Auto Insurance and the Nevada DMV

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auto insurance and the nevada dmv

Like most other States, registered vehicles in Nevada are required to maintain minimum limits of auto insurance. To ensure compliance, the Nevada DMV has a coverage verification system called LIVE.  Your auto insurance company will verify coverage with the DMV by VIN and named insured. This verification is all done electronically over a secure internet connection. However, when one computer system talks to another computer system, sometimes glitches occur.  So, what happens your auto insurance and the Nevada DMV do not communicate properly?

Nevada DMV Live

When the Nevada DMV does not show verified auto insurance coverage for your vehicle, the LIVE system mails out a postcard to the registered owner. This postcard is your first notification that something is not matching up between your auto insurance and the DMV system. Do not ignore this postcard! Call your insurance company or agent and let them know the DMV does not have a record of your Nevada auto insurance policy. The insurance company or agent should offer to resubmit the policy information for you. Alternately, you may also complete the online insurance verification on the DMV website. You will need your policy number, insurance company name, and coverage dates.

Lapse in Auto Insurance Coverage

What if you have a lapse in auto insurance coverage? If you truly have a lapse in coverage the DMV will assess a fine. The amount of the fine depends on the length of the lapse and whether you’ve had any previous gaps in coverage. A fine of at least $250 per vehicle applies for the first offense, and less than 30 days of lapse. Over 30 days the fine increases to $500. The total fine can be as much as $1750 per vehicle! So, the best option is to never let your auto insurance lapse.

Quotes for Nevada Auto Insurance

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