Auto Insurance – Cheap!

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Lately it seems every other television advertisement is an auto insurance company yammering about their super low prices.  In 2009, when most other industries reduced marketing budgets, auto insurers actually increased ad spending – to slightly over $2 billion total.  Geico, Progressive, Allstate and State Farm collectively accounted for about 75% of all auto insurance advertising dollars, with Geico spending the most by far.  Most auto insurance companies focus their message on price alone with catchy taglines like “15 minutes might save you hundreds” , “name your own price” and “people who switched to XYZ Insurance saved $xxx”.

The message to consumers is that auto insurance is really all about price, because the product is generic.   Economists call this perception “product commoditization” meaning that consumers see vendor A and vendor B as selling a basically interchangable product or service.  However, insurance consumers are like fingerprints – no two have the same risk profile and insurance needs.   Auto insurance – or any other type of insurance – is not meant to be a canned product you simply throw in the shopping cart and pay for at the self-checkout register.  Every day we see the messy results of commoditized auto insurance:  policy holders with completely inadequate liability limits, missing uninsured motorist or medical payments coverage, physical damage coverage structured improperly.  Sometimes we can clean up the mess before a claim happens.   But all too frequently we get calls from frustrated self-service insurance consumers that are shopping because they did not have the coverage they needed at claim time.

Our agency takes the time to understand what your insurance needs truly are.  We ask alot of questions about your assets, lifestyle and habits.  We’re not trying to be nosy, but the questions allows us to identify exposures and recommend solutions.   Our quotes are customized for you and will always represent the best combination of coverage and price available.   We are an insurance agency that knows you, understands your needs and provides unbeatable service and pricing.   In a nutshell, we provide true value for your insurance dollar.

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