Auto Repair Shop Insurance

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auto repair shop insurance

For nearly 20 years, we’ve been providing auto repair shop insurance.  From auto body and paint, transmission shops, quick lube & tune to general repair, at Safeguard Insurance we have the markets and expertise to find you the right garage insurance at the right price.

Auto repair shop insurance, more commonly called garage insurance, is a fairly complicated type of policy.  You need an agent that understands the exposures faced by an auto service business.   Consider the following claim scenarios:

  • A customer walks into the shop area to check on their car, trips an air compressor hose, and suffers injuries from the fall.
  • After performing an oil change, your employee fails to properly tighten the oil filter.  The customer drives a few miles down the road, the oil filter comes loose and the engine seizes from lack of lubrication.
  • Your shop is broken into after hours, tools and equipment are stolen and several customer vehicles are vandalized.
  • After changing the brake rotors and pads on a customer vehicle, your mechanic goes for a test drive.   The brakes do not function properly and the mechanic rear-ends another driver causing injury and property damage.

These are examples of actual claims filed by garage insurance customers of Safeguard Insurance.  Would your current policy completely protect you from these type of claims?   If you are not sure, contact Safeguard Insurance for a no-obligation review of your current garage insurance policy.   Our auto repair shop insurance programs including coverage for:

  • Business property including buildings, tenant improvements, inventory, tools and equipment.
  • General liability including slip and fall claims that occur in shop or waiting area.
  • Broad form products and defective workmanship coverage, or mechanics errors & omissions.
  • Garagekeepers legal liability on a direct primary basis, including comprehensive and collision.
  • Hired & non-owned auto liability covering the operation of customer vehicles.
  • Other enhancements such as employee dishonesty, loss of business income, data breach, and many more.

Safeguard Insurance is licensed to write auto repair shop insurance in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, New Mexico, Washington, and California (license #OH30265).    Contact us today for a review and no-obligation quote of your garage insurance.

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