Avoid a Frightening Halloween with Homeowners Insurance, Las Vegas!

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Isn’t Halloween supposed to be frightening? Yes- to a certain extent! However, injuries and accident on your property is a little TOO scary. It’s important to prepare your yard and home for Monday night’s visitors. With a few safety tips and reliable homeowners insurance, Las Vegas residents should be ready for the spookiest night of the year!

#1: Turn on the lights. Dark and spooky may be the theme you are going for but this theme may have trick-or-treaters tripping or falling on your property.

#2: Keep your pets away. Your cuddly friend may love children, but do they love vampires? It’s best to keep your pet away from visitors to avoid an unexpected bite.

#3: Pass on the candles. Lighting your jack-o-lantern is only appropriate, but flashlights will work just as well as candles! Avoid flames on your porch.

#4: Pass out the right candy. It’s best to pass out candy that is store bought and in its original wrapper. Homemade treats may seem like a nice gesture but you never know what children are allergic to these days. The last thing you need is an angry parent with a hospitalized child on your case.

While these Halloween safety tips are all important, one of the most important things to remember is to protect yourself and your home. With the proper homeowners insurance, Las Vegas residents will be covered in the event of liability issues, personal possessions, replacement costs or even damages to the structure of your home. From a child injuring themselves on your property to vandalism- these events are common on Halloween. The proper coverage will spare you the frightening financial consequences. Now THAT makes a happy Halloween!

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