High Speed Internet for Business: Our Experience

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best high speed internet service provider for business

Who is the best high-speed internet service provider for business in Las Vegas and Henderson? As a small business with 23 computers and VoIP phones, it’s an understatement to say we are reliant upon our internet service.  Having no internet is just as bad as having no power.  We are so reliant upon it, that several years ago we purchased all new enterprise-grade networking equipment, backup equipment, and new computers.  At that time, we also brought in a GPON fiber connection.  We thought fiber was supposed to be the end-all when it came to business grade internet. However, we soon found out that like other services it occasionally crashes, has routing glitches, and tech support didn’t move as quickly as we liked.  So, we purchased a backup connection from another local provider.  After 3 years of using GPON fiber, we decided it was time to look at alternatives.

After some searching on Google, what we found that interested us most was a local company called Stimulus Technologies. They offer high-speed internet services using Point-to-Point (aka P2P) wireless.  Over a three-month period, I spoke with a sales person named Leslie repeatedly and sent her dozens of emails asking questions regarding pricing, speed, SLA’s, latency, jitter, installation, VoIP, etc. Frankly, I’m surprised she didn’t block my number with how many times I contacted her.  Finally, I pulled the trigger and signed a contract. About two weeks later they performed the installation. They had an electrician run conduit from my networking room to the roof and they installed a radio dish on the roof along with the accompanying equipment in my networking room. It happened in what seemed like record time. In comparison, our GPON fiber took nearly 8 months to install from the time we signed the contract. With Stimulus Technologies we signed up for the symmetrical 100/100 Mbps connection and, so far, it’s working great.  We are seeing improved call quality on our VoIP phones, the connection is stable, and we are having no routing issues. On a side note, I don’t understand why any business would purchase a non-symmetrical speed, such as 100/10 Mbps.  That’s like driving to the store at 100 MPH but only being able to drive back at 10 MPH.  We transmit a lot of data in both directions and having a symmetrical connection just makes sense.

We were apprehensive to try an internet service provider we had never heard of, who is a fraction of the size of their competition, using transmission technology we had no experience with.  In the end what we found from Stimulus Technologies is their service works great, their sales person was very helpful, their technical support is fast and competent, and their pricing is competitive.  Being a smaller company allows them to be more responsive and have a closer relationship with their customers, something the larger companies have forgotten about.

Did I mention they also offer VoIP phone systems and managed IT services?  What a bonus to have one company who handles all your IT needs.  For any small business in Las Vegas or Henderson looking for high-speed internet, VoIP phone systems, or managed IT services, we would highly recommend Stimulus Technologies.  In our opinion, they are the best high-speed internet service provider we have found.

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