Consider Raising Your Home Insurance Deductible

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Homeowners insurance offers extremely comprehensive coverage for a relatively affordable premium.   Considering all the different lines of coverage offerred, including the home, other structures, loss of use, contents and personal liability, homeowners insurance is a bargain.   However, the frequency of claims – meaning how often policyholders file a claim – is fairly low… Read more »

Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Symbols

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Commercial auto insurance coverage symbols can be confusing, especially when the explanation of those symbols is buried deep in the policy verbiage.   Many business owners assume that a commercial auto policy offers coverage that is broader than a personal auto policy. Unfortunately, this is generally not the case. By using coverage symbols (which are… Read more »

The History of Workers Compensation in Nevada

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One of the first widespread social insurance programs developed in the United States was workers compensation. Workers compensation is specialized insurance coverage purchased by employers to provide for medical care, rehabilitation expenses and indemnity payments (disability) for employees that are injured in the course of employment. The first workers compensation laws were developed by Maryland,… Read more »

Landlord Insurance Basics

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Owning rental property can be hugely rewarding, especially in a market like Las Vegas where real estate is still affordable and rents are stable.   However, owning rental property also carries a degree of risk, some of which can be managed by purchasing the proper landlord insurance.   If you own rental property, here are… Read more »

Boat Insurance Checkup

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The long and mild spring that Las Vegas has been enjoying seems to have ended in the last few days.   With temps now breaking 100 degrees, the time is right to get the boat ready to hit Lake Mead and enjoy the cool water.   Before you launch your watercraft, make sure you get… Read more »

The Naughty Dog Breed List

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At Safeguard Insurance, we love pets as much as anyone.  We cannot imagine life without our dogs and cats. That’s why this is a tough blog topic to approach: the naughty dog breed list.  However, we feel it is important for policyholders to understand that certain dog breeds are problematic for homeowners insurance carriers. Some breeds… Read more »

5 Ways to Save on Las Vegas Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance is not an exciting topic.  Unless that is, we are talking about ways to save money on auto insurance.  If you are interested in ways to cut costs, read on for 5 ways to save on Las Vegas auto insurance. 1. Install a Telematics Device If you don’t mind your auto insurance company… Read more »

General Liability: The Foundation of Construction Insurance

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A solid foundation is the start of every construction project.    With the proper footings and reinforcement, a well-engineered foundation can support the weight of a building for many decades.  Construction insurance, likewise, needs a foundational coverage that protects your contracting operation from liability claims.   General liability is the foundation of contractor insurance coverage. What is… Read more »