Consider a Personal Umbrella Policy

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Bad things happen sometimes.   That’s why we buy insurance coverage for our cars and homes.  Occasionally, the bad thing that happens might be because of something you did wrong, like an at-fault auto accident or an injury that occurs on your property.   In that circumstance, you might be sued by the injured party…. Read more »

Coverage Parts of an Auto Insurance Policy

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At Safeguard Insurance, we think it is critically important for our customers to understand what coverage is provided by their insurance policies before a claim occurs.   That is especially true of an auto insurance policy, which has many coverage parts and optional endorsements.   Let’s examine the various parts an auto insurance policy, in… Read more »

Need Health Insurance?  We Can Help!

| Health Insurance.

Open enrollment might be over but that doesn’t mean you can no longer purchase individual health insurance.  In fact, we can still provides quotes with nearly every major Nevada health insurance provider and issue policies with a waiting period.  Remember that if you fail to secure health insurance in 2015, you will be subject to… Read more »

Bonds Versus Insurance

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At Safeguard Insurance we often receive phone calls from Nevada business owners wondering whether they need a bond or insurance, or both.  It is important to understand the difference betweens bonds versus insurance to know which your business needs. Understanding Surety Bonds First, let’s start with the basics of surety bonds.  Bonds are a financial… Read more »

How to Lower Your Risk of a Dog Bite Claim

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According to the Insurance Information Institute, over $400 million a year is paid out for dog bite claims each year by insurance companies. While that may seem like a lot, there is an estimated $600 million that was excess over the home insurance policy limits. Protecting yourself with sufficient limits, as well as considering an… Read more »

We Make Landlord Insurance Simple

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Owning rental property can be financially rewarding.  It can also be a headache dealing with numerous problems.  The last thing you need to worry about is your landlord insurance policies.  At Safeguard, we make landlord insurance simple.  Since 1998 we’ve provided landlord insurance to hundreds of rental properties owners in Las Vegas and other parts… Read more »

What is Garage keepers Liability?

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Anyone in the business of repairing, servicing, towing, storing, washing or otherwise working on automobiles has likely heard of garage keepers liability coverage. Garage keepers liability is often confused with “garage liability”. In reality, garage liability and garage keepers liability are two very different elements of the insurance coverage needed by an auto repair or service… Read more »