The National Flood Insurance Program

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The recent flooding along the usually tame Virgin River was an awesome display of the power and unpredictability of moving water.   Several towns in Southern Utah, Nevada, and the Arizona Strip were evacuated and video footage of homes being washed away made the national news.  As I watched the news footage, I could not help but think about… Read more »

Insuring Rented Vehicles

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We are frequently asked whether a personal auto insurance policy automatically transfers coverage to a rental vehicle. Like many insurance related questions, there is a short answer and a longer, more complicated answer. The short answer is yes, physical damage coverage does transfer to a rental or “temporary replacement vehicle”. However, it is important that you understand how the… Read more »

A History of the Fire Mark

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In 1666 the city of London suffered a devastating fire that destroyed 16,000 homes and 89 churches. Insurance, as we know it today, did not exist and victims relied on charitable donations and limited government aid to rebuild. It became clear that a more organized method of protecting property owners was needed. The earliest fire… Read more »

Grading Insurance Companies

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Did you realize that virtually every insurance company is given a yearly grade?  This grade or “rating” is an indicator of the overall financial health of the insurer. There are several organizations tasked with monitoring the financial condition of insurance companies: Standard & Poors, Weiss, Demotech and Moodys. The most widely cited and recognized authority… Read more »

Christmas Tree Safety

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Without a doubt, there are few things more beautiful and aromatic than a fresh-cut and decorated Christmas Tree.  My wife and I have an annual debate about which tree looks and smells best – the Noble fir or the Douglas fir.  Invariably, we bring home a big Noble fir (her favorite) and spend hours with the kids… Read more »