Understand Animal Bailee Coverage

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A bailee is any person or business that assumes care, custody, or control of the personal property of another. In the case of a pet groomer, veterinarian, or boarding kennel, the animals left in your care are considered the personal property of others. To protect your business from injury or death to these animals, consider purchasing… Read more »

Insurance Coverage for Contractors

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At Safeguard Insurance, we have provided insurance coverage for contractors since 1998. We understand how important the construction industry is to our local and national economy. Our goal is to make sure your construction business has the right insurance coverage, at the right price. There are many types of insurance coverage that contractors should consider…. Read more »

5 Coverage Gaps Small Business Owners Should Avoid

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Running a small business can be both rewarding and incredibly stressful. Small business insurance should not be one of those stresses.  Here are 5 coverage gaps small business owners should avoid to make sure your business is properly insured: Loss of business income coverage. Most business owner policies, or BOP’s, include loss of income coverage…. Read more »

Understand Convenience Store Insurance

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Convenience stores are a growth industry.   In 2014 the number of c-stores increased to nearly 153,000 across the US, about 1% more than 2013.   Even better, convenience stores continue to be a “mom and pop” small business with 63% owned by single-store operators.   To run a successful c-store or gas station, you… Read more »

Products Liability versus General Liability

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Most businesses involved in manufacturing know they need to purchase products liability coverage. When providing products liability insurance quotes, we are often asked about the difference between products liability versus general liability. Products Liability versus General Liability In reality, products liability (or product liability) is a component of general liability insurance. Unless otherwise excluded, a… Read more »

Insurance for Contractors

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The construction industry in Las Vegas is starting to boom once again! Residential construction is increasing steadily and commercial construction has also begun to gain momentum. Along with gaming, the economy in Southern Nevada is largely driven forward by construction. As construction firms begin to hire and expand, it is a good time to review… Read more »

Term vs Permanent Life Insurance

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Are you considering life insurance? Many Americans may forgo this coverage because they are “young and healthy.” To be honest, life insurance is just as important for a healthy 25-year old as it is to a 50-year old! The difference: it is much cheaper to purchase life insurance as a healthy 25-year old than a healthy 50-year old. Now that you are sold, let’s take a look at two common options.

Small Business Insurance Tips

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At Safeguard Insurance, we love small business. After all, we are family-owned small business ourselves. Our owners have lived in Las Vegas since 1975 and been involved in several small businesses over the decades. We understand the needs of small business owners and, most of all, we know small business insurance. Our goal is to… Read more »

Small Business Marketing Tips

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Running a small business can be enormously rewarding – if you figure out how to do it successfully. One area in which most small business owners struggle is effective marketing. In the digital age, getting your business noticed can be tough. Here are 5 simple and affordable small business marketing tips that have worked for… Read more »