Small Business Insurance Tips

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At Safeguard Insurance, we love small business. After all, we are family-owned small business ourselves. Our owners have lived in Las Vegas since 1975 and been involved in several small businesses over the decades. We understand the needs of small business owners and, most of all, we know small business insurance. Our goal is to… Read more »

Small Business Marketing Tips

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Running a small business can be enormously rewarding – if you figure out how to do it successfully. One area in which most small business owners struggle is effective marketing. In the digital age, getting your business noticed can be tough. Here are 5 simple and affordable small business marketing tips that have worked for… Read more »

Winter Motorcycle Riding Tips

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One of the beautiful things about living in Las Vegas, at least for a motorcyclist, is being able to ride year-round. While it can certainly get cold in the desert, with the proper gear and the right destination, you can enjoy a ride in January as much as a warm weather ride. Here are some… Read more »

Auto Insurance and the Nevada DMV

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Like most other States, registered vehicles in Nevada are required to maintain minimum limits of auto insurance. To ensure compliance, the Nevada DMV has a coverage verification system called LIVE.  Your auto insurance company will verify coverage with the DMV by VIN and named insured. This verification is all done electronically over a secure internet… Read more »

Understanding Flood & Sewer Backup Insurance

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Floods are the most devastating natural disaster in the United States each year causing billions in losses and displacing thousands. While flooding is a common concern for those near rivers and streams, all homes in the United States can be caught off-guard by floods. When it comes to flood insurance, it is important to understand… Read more »

3 Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent

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When considering switching your Las Vegas auto or home insurance, you should not only compare prices, but also understand the products and services offered by your new insurance agent. Here are 3 questions to ask your insurance agent before you buy a new insurance policy: Are all of your insurance carriers “A” rated and how… Read more »

Auto Insurance Rates and Your Credit Score

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Did you know there is a correlation between auto insurance rates and your credit score? Many consumers are not aware that most auto insurance providers consider credit score when pricing your auto insurance. This practice is controversial and some states, specifically California, Hawaii and Massachusetts, have banned credit score use. However, in Nevada your credit… Read more »