5 Places to See Fall Colors Around Las Vegas

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The Mohave desert that surrounds Las Vegas doesn’t experience much color change in the fall season. However, we are fortunate to have many beautiful locations within just a few hours of Las Vegas that provide a spectacular fall color show.  Here are 5 places to see fall colors around Las Vegas: Spring Mountains:  Just a… Read more »

Auto insurance claim tips

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We truly hope you are never involved in a serious auto accident.  No matter how well your auto insurance provider handles the claim, accidents are always stressful.  However, the odds are fairly high that, at some point, you will need to file a claim against your personal auto insurance policy.   Here are some auto… Read more »

Workers Compensation Policy Audits

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No one likes the word “audit”. Even when it relates to an insurance policy instead of the IRS, an audit is not an enjoyable experience. Not every type of business insurance policy is auditable and not every insurance company performs audits consistently. However, workers compensation insurance will be audited every year almost without exception.  Here… Read more »

Rating Factors for Commercial Auto Insurance

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Comparing the rating factors for commercial auto insurance to your personal auto policy is truly apples and oranges.   We are often asked why commercial auto insurance is so expensive, compared to a personal auto policy.  The answer, as with all things insurance, is a little complicated.  Commercial auto insurance takes into account many different… Read more »

Renters Insurance Versus a Cup of Coffee

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Within the exciting world of insurance, there are a few products that truly provide exceptional value to the policyholder.   At the top of our list is homeowners insurance, including condominium owner and renters insurance.   Very few insurance policies provide such broad coverage for so little premium as home, condo, and renters insurance. The… Read more »