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boat insurance checkup

The long and mild spring that Las Vegas has been enjoying seems to have ended in the last few days.   With temps now breaking 100 degrees, the time is right to get the boat ready to hit Lake Mead and enjoy the cool water.   Before you launch your watercraft, make sure you get a boat insurance checkup from the experts at Safeguard Insurance.

At Safeguard Insurance, we have been providing boat and PWC insurance for over 15 years.  We work with several “A” rated insurance carriers that specialize in watercraft insurance for boats large and small.  Our Nevada watercraft insurance markets include Progressive, Travelers, Nationwide and American Modern.

Consider the following claim scenarios, and whether your current policy will provide coverage:

  1. While fueling your boat the marina, a large amount of gasoline overflows from the vent tube and ends up in the water.  The marina requires you pay for the cost of cleaning up the fuel spill.
  2. Your boat suffers a mechanical breakdown while on the water.  The marina charges you several hundred dollars for a tow back to shore.
  3. While towing your boat to the marina, your vehicle suffers a mechanical breakdown.  You are forced to call two tow trucks – one for your vehicle and one for your watercraft.
  4. While docked at the marina for lunch someone steals a large amount of personal property from your boat including fishing gear, life vests and water skis.
  5. A water skier being towed by your boat is severely injured and requires emergency medical care.

The policies offered by Safeguard Insurance can provide coverage for the above claim scenarios, and much more.  We offer Nevada watercraft insurance that is both comprehensive and affordable, tailored to your individual needs.

  • Property damage liability, including coverage for fuel spill cleanup.
  • Emergency towing and labor, for any necessary on-water towing service.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance, covering both the tow vehicle and the watercraft.
  • Personal effects coverage for fishing gear, safety equipment and other personal items on your boat.
  • Medical payments coverage that includes injuries to water skiers.

In addition, we offer the basic cover every watercraft owner should carry, such as:

  • Bodily injury liability.  For injuries caused by your negligence in the operation of a watercraft.
  • Uninsured boaters liability.  For injuries to you and occupants of your watercraft if struck by another watercraft that does not have insurance.
  • Watercraft physical damage.  Provides coverage for damage to the boat.  Coverage can be provided on a replacement cost, agreed value or actual cash value basis.
  • Disappearing deductibles.   For every policy term that you do not have a claim your deductible decreases by 25%.
  • Mechanical breakdown.  Depending on the age and type of boat, we may also be able to provide mechanical breakdown coverage for certain drivetrain components.

Another important consideration when shopping for Nevada boat insurance is the navigation limit.  Most watercraft policies include coverage for all inland lakes and rivers and within 50-75 nautical miles of the US coast.

Get a Free Boat Insurance Checkup

Whether you have a large cabin cruiser or houseboat, a fast open bow ski-boat or a PWC, Safeguard Insurance can help you find the right boat insurance at the right price.  Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

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