Boating Safety Tips

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Nevada Boating Safety Tips

Recreational boating can be an exciting and fun hobby. However, it can also result in accidents if the proper precautions and boating safety practices are not taken. Take some time to learn more about boating safety, so that you can spend more time enjoying your boat with fewer chances of accidents or injuries occurring. Here are some important boating safety tips:

  • Make sure you completely understand and follow the nautical rules of the road in Nevada, as described by the Official Nevada Boater Safety Handbook
  • While drinking alcohol on boats during the summer is common, it’s not the smartest idea. Similar to driving a car under the influence, operating a boat after consuming alcohol increases your chances of getting into an accident or an injury occurring. Even for boat passengers, consuming alcohol is dangerous because it impairs judgment, balance, and increases fatigue. All of these effects make it more likely for injuries to occur while boating.
  • Take even more precautions after sunset when visibility is decreased.
  • Make sure there are enough life jackets available on the boat for every single person. Always wear a life jacket, especially when going swimming off of the boat. This is particularly dangerous during afternoons in Nevada due to the strong winds since some boaters jump into the water for a swim become quickly exhausted trying to return to the boat. Unfortunately, there were two fatal boat accidents this summer just on Lake Mead alone for this reason, and both could have been prevented if the individuals were wearing life jackets.
  • Complete a Float Plan in case of emergency.
  • Boaters born after 1983 are required to successfully complete a boater education course. However, it’s a good idea for all boaters to take this course even if it is not technically required for them. Participating in this course will teach you more about boating safety in Nevada and state laws. Also, taking a boating safety class may allow you to be eligible for discounted personal watercraft insurance.

Common sense and basic boating safety practices can really go a long way in ensuring the safety of yourself and your passengers. Why take any chances? After all, boating is supposed to be relaxing, not dangerous.

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