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Protect your business from a catastrophic claim with commercial umbrella insurance.

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A good business insurance plan is not complete without considering commercial umbrella insurance.   An umbrella policy protects your business from a catastrophic liability claim that exceeds the coverage limits of your commercial auto, general liability, or employers liability.   Best of all, a commercial umbrella policy is surprisingly affordable and available for all types of businesses.

What Does Commercial Umbrella Insurance Cover?

The reality is that we live in a litigious society.  Lawsuits against business owners are common and can be financially devastating.   Your business is exposed to dozens of potential scenarios every day that could lead to a claim.   Some of those claims have a possibility of exceeding your policy limits.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Claim Examples

1. Imagine for a moment if your employee was involved in a serious auto accident while driving a company vehicle.   A person in the other vehicle is killed and several other passengers are severely injured.    Does your $1M commercial auto liability policy seem adequate?

2. Or, perhaps you own a construction company.   Consider whether your $1M general liability policy would be adequate to address a substantial property damage claim that resulted from your defective work.

3. Maybe you own an auto repair garage.  What if your employee incorrectly installed brakes, which then caused an accident involving multiple vehicles and severe injuries.  Would your $1M of garage liability coverage be enough?

Do I Need a Commercial Umbrella Policy?

The solution to these possible claim scenarios is to purchase a commercial umbrella insurance policy.   An umbrella policy provides coverage that is in excess of your underlying insurance.  In other words, the umbrella kicks in when the underlying coverage has been exhausted.

Commercial Umbrella Policies for Small Business

At Safeguard Insurance, we make buying a commercial umbrella policy simple and affordable.   Many times we can combine an umbrella policy with the same insurance carrier that writes your general liability coverage.   We also have access to specialty commercial umbrella carriers such as AIG and Torus.   No matter what type of business you have the experts at Safeguard Insurance can find you the right commercial umbrella insurance, at the right price.

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Call us at 702-638-0022 or fill out the form on this page for a no-obligation quote commercial umbrella insurance.  Even if your other business insurance policies are not with Safeguard Insurance, we can still provide you a quote.

Safeguard Insurance is located in Las Vegas, NV. We are licensed to write commercial umbrella insurance in Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, California, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and Texas.