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Looking for a Nevada document preparation bond? You’ve come to right place. We can issue the $50,000 Nevada document preparer bond in minutes and offer rates as low as $400 per year.

About Nevada Document Preparation Surety Bond Services

The NV document preparation bond is a type of license surety bond. It is required by NRS 240A as part of AB 324 that expanded the definition of a document preparer. A document preparer is defined as a person that provides any of the following services, without limitation:

  • Preparing or completing any pleading, application, or other documents for the client,
  • Translating an answer to a question posed in such a document,
  • Securing any supporting document, such as a birth certificate, required in connection with the legal matter,
  • Submitting a completed document on behalf of the client to a court or administrative agency, or
  • Preparing or assisting in the preparation of all or substantially all of a federal or state tax return or claim for a tax refund
  • A paralegal who performs one or more of the actions described unless the paralegal works under the direction and supervision of an attorney authorized to practice law in this State,
  • A bankruptcy petition preparer as defined by section 110 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C. § 110, or
  • Holds himself or herself out as a person who provides such services.

NRS 240.120 requires a person that provides the above services to file a $50,000 surety bond (or cash deposit) with the NV Secretary of State. The surety bond protects the public from violations of Nevada law related to the document preparation services.

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