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buy auto insurance locally

We are an Independent Insurance agency, which means we are not employed by any one insurance company.  Instead, we represent many Nevada auto insurance providers including Safeco, Hartford, Travelers, Nationwide, Acuity, National General, MetLife and Progressive.   In about 10 minutes, you can visit our auto insurance page and run a comparative quote with up to 12 different insurance providers.   This means you can buy auto insurance locally, from a licensed Nevada agent, and save!

The theme of most auto insurance advertising today is savings, savings, savings.  The message to consumers is that who provides your Nevada auto insurance is secondary to the lowest price.  We understand that auto insurance is an intangible product and something few consumer really love paying for.  However, insurance in general and especially auto insurance, should never be thought of as a commodity.   By definition, a commodity is a raw material that is essentially the same from all producers.  A great example of a commodity product is wheat.   Whether the wheat comes from a farmer in Iowa, Canada or Russia, it all looks and tastes approximately the same.

However, auto insurance policies are not all created equal.  Certainly price is important.   At Safeguard Insurance we constantly shop our customers with our various markets to make sure we are providing the best possible price.  But service, coverage and relationship are also critical.   Who takes care of your Nevada auto insurance policy?  Do you deal with a call center and talk to a different person every time?  Do you deal with your auto insurance provider only on a website?

Buy Auto Insurance Locally

What if you could buy auto insurance locally and still save money?  The reality is that a local Independent Agent, like Safeguard Insurance, can do just that.   We challenge you to put us to test.  Call us at 702-638-0022 or visit us online to run an auto insurance quote.   You’ll receive top-notch service from an agent that knows you, along with superior coverage from an “A” rated auto insurance provider.

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