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Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.   The exposures your specific business faces are different from those in another industry.   Consequently, your Nevada business insurance should be tailored to properly address those exposures.   This is a short list, but business like the following should consider coverage that is specific to their industry:

  • Dry cleaners and launderers need to purchase bailee insurance that covers the customer’s property.  Equipment breakdown insurance can also be invaluable to cover the potentially enormous costs of repair boilers and other equipment.
  • Convenience stores that sell gasoline should purchase pollution liability in the event an underground tank leaks and contaminates surrounding soil.
  • Automotive repair shops need to purchase garage keepers liability, non-owned auto liability and broad form products coverage to address their unique exposures.
  • Auto dealers need to make sure they have properly written open-lot coverage to cover vehicles held for sale on the dealers’ premise.   There are also specific errors & omissions coverage that should be considered, such as odometer disclosure and truth-in-lending.
  • Non-profit organizations, such as condominium or homeowner associations, need to carry Directors & Officers liability to protect against lawsuits.  They should also consider a large amount of employee dishonesty or crime insurance to protect against embezzlement losses.
  • Any business that has operations and employees in multiple states must confirm their workers compensation insurance properly covers this exposure.
  • Contractors should consider errors & omissions coverage, especially if they offer design services.  Environmental coverage is also important in this age of mold-related litigation and pollution claims.
  • Home inspectors should buy adequate professional liability, along with traditional general liability, to properly cover their operations.
  • ALL business owners should consider purchasing employment practices liability coverage that can provide protection from employee lawsuits related to hiring, firing, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.

We are business insurance specialists and can make sure your operations in Nevada, California, Arizona, and Utah are properly covered.   Best of all, we can make the insurance affordable while still providing the coverage you need.   Contact us today for a free quote or coverage review!

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