Types of Contractor Insurance

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Contractors face a myriad of risks and require a customized business insurance program. There are many types of contractor insurance that should be considered. Fortunately, the professional agents at Safeguard Insurance have been working with contractors, large and small, for nearly 20 years. We can help contractors find the right insurance coverage, at the right… Read more »

New home buyer tips

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Buying your first home, condo, or townhome can be an exciting moment. However, dealing with the paperwork to buy the home, obtain a loan, and secure home insurance can also be stressful.  Here are a few new home buyer tips to help the process go smoothly. Work with an experienced realtor. An experienced realtor will… Read more »

Loss Assessment Coverage

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Nearly 25% of American homeowners live in some sort of managed community such as a homeowner association, condo association, or cooperative.  While there are certainly many benefits of living in a managed community, there are a few pitfalls to be aware of.  One of those pitfalls is the right of the association to assess the… Read more »

Youth Drivers and Auto Insurance

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Youth drivers and auto insurance are two things that always make parents cringe. Young drivers account for a disproportionate share of auto accidents and, consequently, are expensive to insure. At Safeguard Insurance, we truly understand how expensive young drivers can be. That is why we offer our customers multiple auto insurance quote options to make… Read more »

Products Liability versus General Liability

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Most businesses involved in manufacturing know they need to purchase products liability coverage. When providing products liability insurance quotes, we are often asked about the difference between products liability versus general liability. Products Liability versus General Liability In reality, products liability (or product liability) is a component of general liability insurance. Unless otherwise excluded, a… Read more »

Small Business Insurance Tips

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At Safeguard Insurance, we love small business. After all, we are family-owned small business ourselves. Our owners have lived in Las Vegas since 1975 and been involved in several small businesses over the decades. We understand the needs of small business owners and, most of all, we know small business insurance. Our goal is to… Read more »

Insurance for the Pest Control Industry

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With over $7 billion in total service revenue and growing, the pest control industry represents a great opportunity for a hard working entrepeneur.  Pest control operators have the ability to own and run their own business and compete in an industry with growing demand.    Starting an extermination business in Nevada requires prior experience, passing… Read more »

The History of Workers Compensation in Nevada

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One of the first widespread social insurance programs developed in the United States was workers compensation. Workers compensation is specialized insurance coverage purchased by employers to provide for medical care, rehabilitation expenses and indemnity payments (disability) for employees that are injured in the course of employment. The first workers compensation laws were developed by Maryland,… Read more »

Business insurance from a local agent

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At Safeguard Insurance we love small business.   We are a small business – family owned an operated since 1998.   We have provided business insurance to hundreds of local companies, small and large, in dozens of different industries.   We believe in the philosophy of supporting our local community by buying from local companies. Along those lines, we also… Read more »

Auto insurance extras worth buying

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Auto insurance policies are made up of sections and categories of coverage.  For example, we often break policies up into two main sections:  liability and physical damage.   Liability coverage pays for damage to a third-party, such as damage to the another persons vehicle or other property.   Physical damage covers your property and is called first-party coverage.  Collision… Read more »