Conserve Las Vegas Valley Water

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Residents of Las Vegas Valley know all too tell that we’ve been having
water issues for some time. First, a history lesson: Originally, Las Vegas was
founded because of its springs. It was literally considered an oasis in the
middle of the desert and became a popular place for settlement. Because of the
springs, there were an abundant amount of meadows, which translates to “Vegas”
in Spanish. Hence the name “Las Vegas.” However, these springs are unfortunately
running dry, and similar to Southern California, our water supply is thinning.
So what can do you do to conserve Las Vegas Valley water? 

Prevent Employee Theft

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As a business owner are you ever worried about employee theft?
Sometimes, employee theft is a hard reality check because it’s difficult to
understand how employees you hire are capable of such things. Unfortunately,
because employee theft is real and is a problem, it’s important you take any
necessary steps to prevent it while avoiding any claims with business

Health Tips for Retirement

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Are you getting ready for retirement or are already there? Retirement
marks the beginning of the golden years for many individuals and couples and
many have plans laid out for the coming years. However, aside from the
activities you’re planning you also ought to think about maintain a healthy
lifestyle as well. Solid health is important in wall wakes of life, and if
you’re not careful you could wind up in a doctor’s office more often than you’d
life. Consider these health tips for retirees:

Advice To Improve Your Credit Score

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Are you in the process of making improvements to your credit score or
just beginning the journey to good credit? Whether you’ve had a credit card for
a while or are just starting out, it’s important that you understand how to
work your way to a good credit standing. 

Package Insurance Equals Big Savings

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It seems everyone is offering a discount for “bundling” these days.   From your local bank to the cable tv company, the potential savings for keeping all your business with one provider seem endless.   Insurance companies, however, were the original purveyors of the bundling concept.  Read on to find out why buying your auto insurance and home insurance from the same provider make perfect sense.

5 Tips to Be a Green Driver

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Are you a green driver? No, we are not referring to the color of your
vehicle! Being a green driver means reducing the carbon footprint of
your car. You can do this in a variety of ways, without investing in a
hybrid or electrical vehicle!

Homeowners Insurance for your New Home

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Congratulations on your move! Starting a life in a new home is exciting but at the same time, can be stressful without the proper guidance. Between having to unpack and purchase Las Vegas homeowners insurance, your head must be going one hundred miles an hour! It’s not uncommon for some tasks to slip your mind, which is why our agency has put together a quick list of reminders.

Live a Stress-Free Life This Summer

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Let’s face it: life can be stressful; from the pressure of our jobs to the drama in our personal lives. While it is impossible to live 100% stress-free, there are always ways to reduce the anxieties of life. This summer, it’s time to simply and de-stress!