Commercial Landlord Insurance Basics

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Commercial real estate can be a great investment opportunity, providing property owners with stable cash flow and steady equity growth.   Las Vegas, with our generally depressed real estate pricing, has numerous opportunities for a savvy investor to purchase prime commercial properties at very low prices.   To properly protect that investment, a landlord needs specialized commercial landlord insurance,… Read more »

NV Exterminators: Insure Your Pest Control Business

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Pest management professionals have a very unique business, one that requires specialized education and training.   Insuring a pest control business also requires a specialized policy that meets the requirements of applicable State and Federal laws and protects.   This type of specialized coverage is provided by just a handful of insurance companies.   Our agents understand the PCO business and have access to the right insurance programs.    

Home Based Business Insurance

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There are few things more satisfying that running a successful business from the comfort of your own home.  However, just because you don’t have a traditional office or storefront does not mean your business is exempt from potential liability claims and property losses.   The simple solution is affordable in-home business insurance from Safeguard Insurance!

5 Steps to Burglar Proof Your Business

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As a business owner, there are plenty of risks that you should be aware of, from product recalls to injuries on company property. A major risk that many business owners tend to forget about: burglary. If business owners do not take the proper steps to protect the business from burglars, the building may end up becoming a target much sooner than later.

Insurance for Cyber Attacks and Data Breach

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Whether you are a retail store that accepts credit cards or a medical office with extensive patient records, if your business retains information about customers you have an exposure to cyber liability and data breach.   Fortunately, the insurance industry has developed innovative new products that provide comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. 

Why You Should Read Your Insurance Policy

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An insurance policy is nothing more than a contract between you, the policyholder, and the insurance company.   Because the insurer develops the policy verbiage and structure, insurance contracts are considered “contracts of adhesion“.   This means the policyholder has almost no ability to modify the language of the contract.  It does not mean, however, that you should… Read more »

Essential Insurance Coverage for Restaurants

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There are few business opportunities more potentially rewarding that owning a restaurant.  In the right market, with the right location and, of course, the right menu, a restaurant business has the potential to be very successful.   However, restaurant owners need to be keenly aware of the specialized insurance coverage needed to property protect their business from a devasting loss.  Read on to learn about the 5 types of coverage every restaurant should purchase.

Is It Time to Update Your Business Plan?

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When is the last time you dusted off that business plan and made some changes? We’d like to bet that you have not done so in a while! Whether business is flourishing or slowing down, the original business plan should never be forgotten. Whether you want to make changes or notice a need for more coverage (extra liability insurance, Nevada group benefits, company vehicle protection, etc.) now would be a good time to make some moves.

Commercial General Liability Insurance: Coverage and Exclusions

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In our many years of providing business insurance in Las Vegas, we have found that commercial general liability insurance (CGL) coverage is one of the most commonly requested, and yet least understood types of policy.   Part of the problem may be in the name:  “general liability”. It sounds broad, all-encompassing, and comprehensive. In many respects the CGL policy… Read more »

Uncomplicate Business Insurance

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Business insurance can seem overly complicated, on the surface.   To properly protect your company, there are several insurance policies your agent will probably recommend.   Each one has a specific purpose and coverage focus and it is our job to explain that to you in clear, concise terms.  Read on to understand more about the different types of policies available to protect your business. 

Las Vegas Special Event Insurance

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Every year in Las Vegas there are thousands of short-term events organized by individuals and businesses. The type of events ranges from large and loud, such as carnivals, fairs, concerts, conventions, parades, sporting events and theatrical performances, to small and simple, such as weddings, networking mixers, holiday parties and private business functions. No matter what type or size,… Read more »