Got Data? You Need Data Breach Insurance!

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As part of your business operations do you store information about your customers, such as email address, names, mailing address and payment data?  If so, you need data breach insurance.   Major data breaches happen daily – 783 occurred in 2014 alone.   Despite the very threat, many business owners, especially small business, continue to… Read more »

Insurance for Nevada Law Firms

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Whether you operate as a sole practitioner or a large firm with many attorneys, law firms have unique insurance needs. At Safeguard Insurance, we have been providing coverage for Nevada law firms since 1998. We have the experience to provide the coverage your law firm requires, and the markets to make sure you have the best… Read more »

Your Small Business Needs Cyber Liability Insurance

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Do you think data breaches only happen to large companies?  Think again.   The headlines are filled with stories of huge data breaches affecting thousands of people.   But the often untold stories are the hundreds of small businesses that suffer a data breach every year.  The truth is, your small business needs cyber liability… Read more »

Small Business Needs Cyber Liability Coverage

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Cyber threats are very real and very scary. Sony Entertainment is the latest victim of a large-scale cyber attack. This cyber attack might be the largest in US history and will cost Sony millions in lost revenue and litigation.  Fortunately, Sony was wise enough to purchase a $60M cyber liability and data breach insurance policy…. Read more »

Small business may have a greater risk of Data Breach!

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Small business owners are often so busy just running their company, they may not consider the devastating consequences of a data breach.   Or, they may think that they are a small target and that cyber criminals are looking for bigger fish.  The reality is scary: small businesses are likely at greater risk for data breach… Read more »

Insurance for Cyber Attacks and Data Breach

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Whether you are a retail store that accepts credit cards or a medical office with extensive patient records, if your business retains information about customers you have an exposure to cyber liability and data breach.   Fortunately, the insurance industry has developed innovative new products that provide comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. 

Cyber Liability and Data Breach Insurance

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Nearly every business collects information from their customers.  Some of that data is fairly innocuous – names, addresses, email address, etc.  However, other information is much more sensitive, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, birth dates and other personal financial information.  In addition, information about new products, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property might… Read more »