An Earthquake Insurance Reminder

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A powerful earthquake rocked southern Alaska on December 30, 2018. The quake measured 7.0 magnitude and struck just north of the city of Anchorage, home to about 300,000 residents. As the most seismically active state in the US, Alaska was well prepared for a strong earthquake. Fortunately, it appears the damage to most buildings in… Read more »

Earthquake Insurance for Your Nevada Home

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Earth movment, along with flood, is one of major potential perils that is not covered by homeowners insurance.   We don’t often think about Las Vegas as a potential earthquake zone, but the reality is that Southern Nevada is the 3rd most seismically active state in the US, after California and Alaska.  Fortunately, adding earthquake coverage to your homeowners insurance is just a phone call away!

Why You Should Read Your Insurance Policy

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An insurance policy is nothing more than a contract between you, the policyholder, and the insurance company.   Because the insurer develops the policy verbiage and structure, insurance contracts are considered “contracts of adhesion“.   This means the policyholder has almost no ability to modify the language of the contract.  It does not mean, however, that you should… Read more »

The Nevada Insurance Commissioner: A Consumer Friendly Watchdog

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Overall, most consumers are satisfied with their choice in insurance companies.   Studies by JD Power and other organizations (including the insurance companies themselves) show that about 94% of customers are happy with the outcome of a claim.   The insurance industry is very sensitive to public perception and works diligently to provide a positive claim and… Read more »

Earthquakes in Las Vegas?

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I always assumed Sin City would be destroyed by an angry God that sends a pillar of fire from Heaven to consume us all in one big, climatic inferno.   But, according to study done by geoscientists a few years back, our undoing might just be the type …

Nevada Earthquake Insurance

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The recent earthquakes in Colorado and Virginia were an eye-opener for many of our customers.   We have had several calls from concerned policyholders wondering about the possibility of an earthquake in the Las Vegas area.   We don’t normally associate earthquakes with Las Vegas, but you should know that most of Nevada, including Clark County, is considered… Read more »