Common EPL Claims

| Employment Practices Liability.

Many business owners are not aware that general liability does not cover claims related to hiring, firing, discrimination, or other employee issues. Those type of claims are covered by employment practices liability insurance, also known as EPL coverage. The number of EEOC complaints filed against businesses continues to rise, making EPL coverage more important than… Read more »

EPL Protects Your Small Business

| Business Insurance, Employment Practices Liability, Insurance education.

Small business owners are not immune to employment related litigation. Employees that feel discriminated by an employer – whether factual or not – are free to file a complaint with the EEOCĀ and seek other legal remedies including litigation. The cost to deal with complaints and litigation is staggering: defense and settlement costs of $75,000 per… Read more »

Best Hiring Practices

| Employment Practices Liability.

As a business owner, it is important that you have the best hiring practices in place for your company. If not, you may be hiring the wrong people for the wrong jobs. This will not only negatively affect your turnover rate, but may end up costing your company money if you constantly need to retrain and replace employees!