3 Questions To Ask Your Insurance Agent

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When considering switching your Las Vegas auto or home insurance, you should not only compare prices, but also understand the products and services offered by your new insurance agent. Here are 3 questions to ask your insurance agent before you buy a new insurance policy: Are all of your insurance carriers “A” rated and how… Read more »

Simple Term Life Insurance Solutions

| Life Insurance.

Everyone knows they should purchase term life insurance, and yet nearly 30% of American housholds do not have any.   According to a 2010 LIMRA study, the reason for not purchasing term life insurance is often a misconception that the process is complicated and the price is too high.   In fact, participants in the study often… Read more »

Insurance that Fits Just Right

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Insurance of all kinds, is a not a “one-size-fits-all” product.   Like a fine suit, it should be tailored to your individual needs and should change with your needs and lifestyle.   To protect you properly, you need insurance that fits just right.  At Safeguard Insurance, we like to think of ourselves as “insurance tailors”.   Instead of handing… Read more »

What Are My Life Insurance Options?

| Life Insurance.

The decision to purchase life insurance can be one of the most important ones you ever make. Whether you are making the purchase solely for your own financial security, or you have a family or significant others who depend on you for their livelihood, it is a wise and significant decision. But with so many options out there for life insurance, how can you know which option is best for you?

Preparing for the Future with Life Insurance

| Life Insurance.

We all make important decisions in our lives—getting married, starting
a family, buying a home—but one of the most important decisions people seem to neglect
is purchasing life insurance. Life insurance is your ticket to financial
protection for your loved ones if anything unexpected were to ever happen.
Purchasing life insurance is stressful and takes time and there a lot of
factors that go into it. Because of this, our agency wants to make sure you’re
getting the information you need. Here are the different types of life

Life Insurance Information

| Life Insurance.

Life insurance is still one of the single most important coverage
policies out there, but many people are still turned off by what they perceive
as “gray areas.” Specifically, a lot of potential buyers want to know more
information about the beneficiary aspect of life insurance because it’s an area
that generates a lot of confusion. Basically, a beneficiary is the person that
will receive the buyout of your coverage after you pass away, but is isn’t
always that easy. Here are some frequently asked questions about beneficiaries
courtesy of your life insurance company. 

Easy Exercises at Home

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For some people the hardest about beginning to exercise and trying to
lose weight is getting started. For some reasons, our minds have a tough time
adapting to a constant workout schedule whether it is every day or three to
four times a week. Because developing a routine is difficult, our agency has
the healthy exercise tips you need to find success.

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10 Best Healthy Foods

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These days, Americans may be interested in changing up their diet. Obesity rates are at an all-time high and with obesity, comes a higher risk of illness, disease and pre-mature death. It’s time to take control of your life and your body! Besides being active, it is important that you eat the right foods (think fruits, veggies and grains as opposed to frozen meals and fast food).