Nevada Bar and Tavern Insurance

| Business Income, Business Insurance, Liquor Liability Insurance.

Bars, taverns, pubs, and nightclubs all have one thing in common:  they frequently struggle to find affordable Nevada business insurance.  Despite Nevada’s favorable liquor liability laws, only a handful of insurance carriers offer affordable Nevada bar and tavern insurance.   At Safeguard Insurance, we understand the insurance needs of hospitality businesses. We work with several… Read more »

Nevada Liquor Liability Laws

| Business Insurance, Liquor Liability Insurance.

Nevada is one of just a few States that protect servers of alcoholic beverages from civil liability.  Courts in Nevada have ruled that consumption of liquor, not the serving of liquor, is the proximate cause of alcohol-related damages. NRS 41.1305 reads as follows:     NRS 41.1305  Liability of person who serves, sells or furnishes alcoholic beverages for… Read more »

Tips for Throwing the Best Cocktail Party

| Liquor Liability Insurance, Special Event Insurance.

Thinking about having guests over for a dinner party? There’s nothing
quite like inviting friends and acquaintances over for dinner and drinks to
your home, which is why you need to take the extra steps to make sure they have
a memorable time. If you’re looking for ways to make your dinner parties a more
pleasant experience, our insurance agency can show you how.