Nevada Road Trip Destinations

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Nevada is a state filled with rugged, beautiful terrain, interesting towns, and fascinating history. From the Mohave desert in the south to the vast plains and mountains of the north, you will not find more variety of scenery anywhere else. We’ve compiled our staff’s favorite Nevada road trip destinations and hope it will inspire you to… Read more »

5 Car Repairs You Can Do Yourself

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There are many auto repairs that most owners could easily perform themselves and save hundreds of dollars in the process. We do not mean major repairs to the engine, transmission, or other critical components. Rather, these are 5 car repairs you can do yourself with basic tools and a bit of online research. Replace the Car… Read more »

Motorcyclist Safety Tips

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A recent report by the GHSA (Governors Highway Safety Association) has some good news about motorcyclist fatalities in 2017: the number of fatal accidents decreased by 5.6%. However, the reality is that nearly 5,000 motorcycle riders died on US roadways in 2017. That number is shockingly high and, sadly, many of those deaths were preventable by following… Read more »

VoIP Phone Systems for Business: Our Office Experience

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Are you’re tired of paying the high prices for a traditional phone system?  Would you like a phone system that is less expensive and offers more features?  Maybe you should consider VoIP.  VoIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol, is the technology to run your phones over the internet, rather than traditional phone lines.  Since VoIP… Read more »

Understand Vacancy Provisions

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Within the loss conditions of most property insurance policies is a section regarding building vacancy. This is true of both personal insurance such as home and landlord insurance, and commercial insurance such as lessor risk or other property policies. This vacancy provision limits coverage damage to vacant buildings caused by certain perils and potentially reduces… Read more »

Tavern Insurance Tips

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Tavern and bar owners understand the importance of a comprehensive insurance plan. After all, the list of potential claims is worrisome: liquor liability, robbery, altercations with patrons, fire, employment disputes, and premises liability. To help better protect your business, here are some tavern insurance tips to consider when shopping for bar and tavern insurance. Do… Read more »

Understand Rideshare Insurance

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Rideshare services such as Uber and Lyft have grown quickly, surpassing taxicab use by travelers. This growth presents rideshare drivers with a fantastic opportunity to earn additional income. However, using a personal vehicle for passenger transportation also creates some insurance challenges. If you drive for Uber or Lyft, it is critical you understand rideshare insurance… Read more »

Property Insurance Cause of Loss Form

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Attached to every commercial property insurance policy is a cause of loss form that determines which perils are covered and which are not. There are 3 forms in common use: basic form (CP1010), broad form (CP1020), and special form (CP1030). It is critical that a policyholder understands the property insurance cause of loss form attached to their policy… Read more »

Claims Covered By Home Insurance

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Homeowners insurance is a remarkably broad insurance policy that provides coverage for structures, contents, loss of use, and personal liability. Most policyholders understand that loss such as fire, wind, and water damage are typically covered. But, that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to claims that are potentially covered.  Here… Read more »

Affordable Medical Office Insurance

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More than ever before, medical providers need to be sure they have right business insurance. From the high cost of medical office equipment to compliance with HIPAA and other privacy laws, physicians, dentists, and chiropractors face a litany of serious exposures. The business insurance team at Safeguard Insurance has been providing affordable medical office insurance since… Read more »