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choose quality auto insurance

Auto insurance is all about price, right? That is the message that many auto insurance companies would have you believe. Pick any box off the shelf at the insurance supermarket and which box really doesn’t matter because the contents are all the same, only the price is different. Or, call an 800-number and talk to a representative in some far-away call center and give them your credit card. After all, the lizard says you can save 15% just by calling. By the way, that same lizard spends over $1B of your premium dollars on those creative advertisements every year.

Does any of that really make sense to you?  It doesn’t to us either. We think your needs are better served by a local agent that lives and works in your community. Insurance of all types is meant to be an individual experience.  Your coverage needs are as unique as you are and should be tailored to your lifestyle. As an Independent Agent, we have the ability to shop with multiple insurance carriers and find you the best combination of coverage and price. In a nutshell, that represents true value for our customers. 

Nevada, and especially the Las Vegas area, is a difficult environment for auto insurance companies. We are consistently priced in the top 5 for auto insurance rates for a variety of factors:  traffic congestion, endless road construction, high DUI rate, an abundance of litigation and above average rate of auto-thefts. Driving in Southern Nevada is like swimming in a pool full of sharks: eventually, something bad will happen.   You want to be sure your insurance covers that bad something before it happens. 

At Safeguard Insurance, we choose quality auto insurance you can afford.  We take the time to listen to your needs and create an insurance portfolio and not just a cheap policy.   Contact us today to see how we can provide you with the right insurance coverage at a competitive price.

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