Cold Weather Motorcycle Riding Tips

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cold weather motorcycle riding tips

We are fortunate in Las Vegas to enjoy a 12-month motorcycle riding season. Although our winters can be chilly, with a bit of preparation and common sense you can enjoy a winter ride just as much as other times of the year. Here are some cold weather motorcycle riding tips to help keep you safe and comfortable on the open road:

  • Heated riding gear. The cost for quality heated riding gear has come down in price and the comfort level has gone up. A set of quality heated gloves or liners can be purchased for less than $100. Heated jackets, socks, vests, and pants are also available for reasonable prices. Keeping warm while riding means you can focus on the road and not the distraction of being uncomfortable.
  • Layer up. Temps in the desert can change quickly in the winter time. What starts as a chilly morning ride can soon turn to a sunny, warm, ride in the afternoon. Use a breathable base layer and then a jacket with a removable liner to adjust your needs.
  • Heated grips. At highway speeds in the winter time, your hands will get cold. Cold hands impair your ability to brake and shift properly. Many motorcycles come with heated grips stock. If your bike does not, consider an aftermarket solution. They are surprisingly easy to install and work extremely well to keep your hands and fingers toasty warm on a cold ride.
  • Visibility. If you wear a full-faced helmet (and we hope you do) consider a pin-lock visor or insert that prevents fogging. Your helmet manufacturer may offer a pin-lock replacement visor as an option.
  • Know the weather. Check the weather in the areas where you will be riding. If rain is in the forecast, find another ride or keep the bike in the garage. Rain in the winter, even in the desert, means ice will form on the road somewhere. Ice and motorcycles are a bad combination and it’s best to avoid any weather that could make riding conditions hazardous.
  • Traction limits. Cold temperatures mean colder tires. Motorcycle tires need to heat up to provide proper grip so winter weather can mean less traction. Consider how hard to you push in the corners in cold weather and allow more distance for braking.

We hope these cold weather motorcycle riding tips will help you stay safe and enjoy riding in the cold weather. Last, but not least, make sure you have quality motorcycle insurance from an agency that understands the needs of riders. Contact Safeguard Insurance for a no-obligation motorcycle insurance quote today!

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