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Residents of Las Vegas Valley know all too tell that we’ve been having water issues for some time. First, a history lesson: Originally, Las Vegas was founded because of its springs. It was literally considered an oasis in the middle of the desert and became a popular place for settlement. Because of the springs, there were an abundant amount of meadows, which translates to “Vegas” in Spanish. Hence the name “Las Vegas.” However, these springs are unfortunately running dry, and similar to Southern California, our water supply is thinning. So what can do you do to conserve Las Vegas Valley water?

As residents of Las Vegas, we all need to be doing our parts to conserve water so we’re not over-reliant on Lake Mead and the Colorado River. Lake Mead Currently powers 90% of Las Vegas, and experts say water levels are dwindling. Here is what you can do to save water in your home:

Faucets: Kitchen and bathroom faucets use a lot more water than you think. When doing dishes, try not to leave the water running constantly while cleaning. Only turn it on when you need to rinse. In the bathroom, don’t leave the faucet running when brushing your teeth or shaving. Faucets use up around 16% of water use in homes. If you want, consider purchasing a faucet aerator to help conserve water.
Dishwasher: Little know fact alert, but use the dishwasher! Using the dishwasher can be more efficient than hand washing in a lot of cases. Use it only when the dishwasher is full.
Laundry: Did you know each load of laundry uses about 27 and 54 gallons of water? When you do laundry, try only doing full loads, not half or quarter sized ones.
Bathrooms: A residential toilet uses about 27 percent of the water in a home. It’s obviously tough to conserve water in this way, but if you check your toilet for leaks or invest in a high efficiency model, you may help out with the cause.

We all need to do our individual part to conserve Las Vegas Valley water, and we hope you and your family follow these tips so we’ll be able to continue prospering in the future. For more information, give Safeguard Insurance a call today.

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