Consider Term Life Insurance

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Consider Term Life Insurance

In the exciting world of life insurance there are two types of policies commonly offered for sale:  term and permanent life insurance.   Insurance agents, attorneys and financial planners have varying opinions about the merits of each type of policy.  At Safeguard Insurance, we generally recommend term life insurance to our customers.   Term life insurance is affordable and provides the maximum coverage for your premium dollars. When shopping for coverage, consider term life insurance for the best value.

Young families on a budge, especially, would benefit from a large term life insurance.   When deciding on the amount of coverage by, consider your current income, debt and future expenses.   Do you want to have enough life insurance to replace your income for 10 years?  20 years?   Do you want to ensure your kids have money for college tuition and the home mortgage is paid off?   Or, are you looking to just buy enough coverage to cover funeral expenses?

No matter what your objective or situation, there is a term life insurance policy that will fit your needs and budget.   To see just how affordable term life is, visit our life insurance page and click on Get A Quote.  The process takes just a few minutes and will show you rates from up to 20 different life insurance providers.   There is no obligation to buy or enter any personal information.

If you would to discuss your life insurance needs further, please contact one of our agents today.  We can help you determine and appropriate coverage amount and pick the best term life insurance policy for you.

As for permanent life insurance?   We usually don’t recommend you consider buying it.   It’s expensive and the projected returns on your cash value rarely materialize.   If you have extra money laying around and need to invest it somewhere, we recommend talking to a financial planner (preferably a fee-only planner) about a good mutual fund investment program.