Data Breach Coverage for Your Business

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Data Breach Coverage for Your Business

Think of the all the data regarding your customers that is gathered as a part of your daily operations.   For many service industries, such as doctors, dentists, attorneys, real estate and financial services that data includes a great deal of personal information including names, address and often the social security number of customers.   Even retail stores that use a rewards program may keep phone numbers and email addresses on file.   Nearly every business has credit card information from hundreds, if not thousands of customers.   That customer data might be stored in paper files, on a local computer network or as part of an online platform.  Regardless of how the information was gathered and where it is stored, there is a chance someone with nefarious intentions can gain access to it.

A Data Breach Can Happen To Your Business

We know this seems like a remote possibility, especially for a small business that is not “on the radar” of computer hackers.   However, every small business owner should be aware that the risk exists and is much greater than you might realize.   Data breaches happen every day to companies large and small.  The website Data Loss DB catalogs recent events including the number of records stolen, type of data and the size of the company involved.  Many of the incidents involve small businesses including restaurants, contractors, and offices.

Data Breach Coverage For Your Business

To deal with the potentially huge expense of notification, public relations, legal fees and credit monitoring for affected persons, a business should strongly consider data breach coverage.  This coverage is surprisingly affordable, often around $100 per year additional for many types of small business. With Hartford Insurance Company, the coverage can be added to your existing business insurance. Or, we can offer a much more comprehensive stand-alone policy for a mid-sized company with more complex needs. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote or for more information.

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