Earthquake Insurance for Your Nevada Home

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Earthquake Insurance for Your Nevada Home

Strong earthquakes in Las Vegas are rare, thankfully.   However, that doesn’t mean it will not happen.  Consider that Nevada is considered the 3rd most seismically active state in the US, after California and Alaska. We have at least 8 active faults around the Las Vegas valley, all of which are capable of producing a magnitude 7.0 or higher quake. The risk is real but fortunately, earthquake insurance for your Nevada home is commonly available.

Remember that coverage for “earth movement” is not automatically included in your home insurance policy. Earth movement, from the perspective of an insurance company, includes subsidence, mudslides, landslides, or an earthquake, even caused during a volcanic eruption.

Fortunately, coverage for earth movement can be easily added to most homeowners insurance policies.  We can quote adding this coverage to your existing policy in a matter of minutes and discuss different deductible options with you.  Some insurance companies also have an option to exclude damage to masonry veneer (e.g. decorative stone or brickwork) for a reduced premium.

Contact us today to discuss the various options we have for NV earthquake insurance!

Also, please check out the Consumers Guide to Earthquake Insurance published by the Nevada Division of Insurance.

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