Earthquakes in Las Vegas?

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earthquakes las vegas

I always assumed Sin City would be destroyed by an angry God that sends a pillar of fire from Heaven to consume us all in one big, climatic inferno.   But, according to study done by geoscientists a few years back, our undoing might just be the type of soil much of Las Vegas is built on: a loose, sandy alluvium that tends to liquefy during an earthquake.

According to the report, much of Southern Nevada, including the resort corridor and the south-east valley (Henderson) is built on soil that is liquefiable. Soil liquefaction is a temporary condition that occurs during earth movement where the soil turns to something akin to quicksand. Buildings tend to experience severe damage and even collapse when liquefaction occurs. Check out the below video by the ParsQuake Project to understand more about soil liquefaction:

Sound a little scary? It might be time to consider earth movement insurance.   We’ve blogged on this topic before, but reading the above referenced report reminded me of how few of our customers actually buy Nevada earthquake insurance. The cost is actually very reasonable and coverage can be provided for nearly any type of property.  Homes, commercial property, even condominium owners can buy earthquake coverage.   Contact us today for a no-obligation quote for this invaluable insurance coverage.