Extra Coverage on Your Home Insurance Las Vegas Residents May Need

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When purchasing home insurance, there are many things to consider, first and foremost being how much coverage you need.  There are other questions that you may need to ask. Here at Safeguard Insurance, we recommend that people look into additional important scenarios when acquiring home insurance. Las Vegas residents in the following situations inquire about additional

  • Your home is in a flood zone
  • Mold is a threat to your home
  • Your home is in an earthquake-prone area

Besides these location-specific threats, you also need to have extra Las Vegas home insurance if:

  • You operate a business from your home
  • You live with a roommate who is not on the deed or title to
    the home

So, when you are looking for home insurance, Las Vegas residents should remember to mention any of these situations that affect them in order to get an accurate insurance quote.

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