Fast Claim Settlement Tips

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fast claim settlement

Insurance claims are never fun. However, if something bad happens our goal is to make sure you are treated fairly and your claim is handled promptly.  To ensure that, here are 5 tips for a fast claim settlement that should help the process go smoothly.

  1. Report the incident quickly. The sooner you file the claim, the faster the insurance company can respond. This is especially important for home insurance claims like water damage or fire. Your insurance company can dispatch a clean-up and mitigation company to start work immediately.
  2. Use technology. Most insurance companies have a mobile application that allows you file a claim from your smartphone and upload photos of the damage. In some cases, such as a minor auto accident, this may be enough for the insurance company to appraise the repair cost and send you a check.
  3. Be cooperative. We understand that sometimes adjusters ask questions that seem irrelevant to your claim. But, the insurance company has a right to investigate the details of your claim for accuracy and coverage applicability. Your cooperation with that investigation, including answering questions, is key to a fast and fair claim settlement.
  4. Be honest. Adjusters are trained to find discrepancies in claims. Contrary to popular belief, this is not an effort to avoid paying legitimate claims. Rather, the adjuster is trying to avoid paying fraudulent or padded claims. Insurance fraud costs everyone by raising the overall price of insurance.
  5. Provide records and documentation. This can be the tough part of any claim, especially if your records were destroyed in a fire or other loss. However, the more documentation you can provide the adjuster, the easier it will be to settle the claim. This is especially true of home or property claims if you are seeking coverage for unusual or high-value items. We strongly recommend that you consider creating a home inventory that is kept off-premises. Scan purchase receipts and store them in the cloud. Take pictures of valuable items, or video every room and closet in your home for proof of ownership.

Perhaps the best tip for a fast claim settlement is to make sure you have the right insurance coverage from a reputable insurance company. At Safeguard Insurance, we worked with only A-rated insurance providers that have a strong industry reputation for fast and fair claim practices. Contact us today for no-obligation quotes on your auto, home, or business insurance.

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