Freshen Up Your Home and Las Vegas Homeowners Insurance for Spring!

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In just a few days, spring will be here! Are you ready for the season? Besides spring cleaning at home and checking in on your Las Vegas homeowners insurance, now is the perfect time to redecorate for the season.

Here are 10 decorating ideas that will freshen up your place for spring:

1.    Need a new centerpiece? Buy some fresh spring flowers for the table!

2.    Lighten up a room with a new paint!

3.    Choose bright colors and pastels when looking for accessories, such as a bright vase or spring-inspired lamp shade.

4.    Find a new scent for the season! It is time to toss the winter candles.

5.    Update the color scheme in your bathroom.

6.    If you have heavier dark curtains up, take them down! It’s time for light and airy curtains.

7.    Go natural. Find an interested indoor plant for the corner or opt for bamboo shades.

8.    Break out the porch furniture! It’s time to jazz up that patio.

9.    De-clutter your home, whether your drawers or closet.

10.    Opt for sheer table runners or bright and printed pillows.

Now that your home fits the season, it is time to look into an even more important task. When is the last time you looked at your Las Vegas homeowners insurance? Even small changes such as a new addition on your home or having a pool installed may affect your policy. Be sure to speak with us at Safeguard Insurance about any changes; we want to make sure you are 100% protected!


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