Get Your Home Ready For Spring

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Get Your Home Ready for Spring

The weather is getting warmer and it seems that our cabin fever can finally end! With spring being just a few days away this is the perfect time for homeowners to start thinking about getting ready for the warmer weather. Do you use the month of March to break out your annual spring cleaning ritual? We’ve got some great advice to get your home ready for spring.

Get Your Home Ready for Spring

For many homeowners, the winter is a time of the year where the house tends to fill up with new items, and clutter may start to build. And, since we don’t spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter months, some things may go unnoticed. This is why as the weather gets warmer many homeowners maintain the ritual of spring cleaning. We are sure that you have your own routine for how you go about your spring cleaning for your home, but we thought we’d share some advice, too! (After all, we know a lot of homeowners!)

• Start with your closets. Organizing your closets tends to take the longest. This is why we recommend starting with your closet. Get rid of anything you do not use and attempt to organize it by how you get dressed in the morning. If you’re really feeling crazy- go by color, too! You’d be surprised how much easier this will make your daily routine.
• Carpets can be tough. This is why we recommend everyone take up the idea of taking off shoes when they enter the house. But we know this can be an awkward thing to ask of guests. So here’s what we recommend for cleaning: always change the filters or bags in your vacuum to avoid tracking the excess dust and debris. Use the spring cleaning to have the carpets cleaned professionally for an extra touch – you could even rent a shampooer and DIY!
• Use your time wisely. If you’re going to do a spring cleaning routine, don’t go halfway. You may clean your house once every week or so but this time, really clean it. We’re talking polish the silver, wipe down the windows, and even wipe down the walls. Go above and beyond what you normally do and you will really see a difference and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Spring cleaning can be exhausting though, so make sure you reward yourself after! Lastly, while getting your home ready for spring, take a minute to check-up on your homeowner insurance too. Contact the professionals at Safeguard Insurance for a no-obligation policy review and quote.

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