Have You Received a Non-Renewal On Your Auto Insurance?

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have you received a non-renewal on your auto insurance

Have you received a non-renewal on your auto insurance?  It’s no secret that auto insurance rates in Nevada are some of the highest in the nation.  What most people don’t know is that the majority of auto insurance companies in Nevada have been struggling with profitability for some time.  When an insurance company is unprofitable they raise rates, tighten up their underwriting guidelines, terminate agency appointments, and sometimes discontinue selling auto insurance altogether.  In the past few years, we’ve seen numerous insurance companies discontinue selling auto insurance in Nevada including Infinity, Omaha Property & Casualty, Oregon Mutual, Titan, Universal, and Western National.

When an insurance company terminates an agency appointment or discontinues selling auto insurance, you will receive a non-renewal letter that states “your agency no longer represents our company” or “our company is no longer selling auto insurance in Nevada”.  If you receive a non-renewal letter, give us a call at 702.638.0022.  Depending on the reason, we can either rewrite you back to the same insurance company or find you a new insurance company. Best of all, we just might be able to save you money during the process.  We write with many preferred auto insurance companies, such as Acuity, Chubb, CSE, Encompass, Mercury, Metlife, Nationwide, Progressive, Safeco, and Travelers.

Have you received a non-renewal on your auto insurance from 21st Century non-renewal, AAA non-renewal, Acuity non-renewal, Allstate non-renewal, American Family non-renewal, American National non-renewal, Ameriprise non-renewal, Chubb non-renewal, CIG non-renewal, Country Financial non-renewal, CSE non-renewal, Dairyland non-renewal, Encompass non-renewal, Farmers non-renewal, GEICO non-renewal, Hartford non-renewal, Horace Mann non-renewal, Key Insurance non-renewal, Liberty Mutual non-renewal, Mercury non-renewal, Metlife non-renewal, Nationwide non-renewal, Progressive non-renewal, Safeco non-renewal, State Farm non-renewal, Travelers non-renewal, or USAA non-renewal?

If so, give the professional agents at Safeguard Insurance a call at 702.638.0022 today or request a no-obligation instant auto insurance quote on our website.

Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini on Unsplash