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The holidays are right around the corner! It’s time to enjoy the company of great friends, family and indulge in delicious food. It’s no secret that the holidays are full of sugary treats and excessive calories. However, if you are worried about your diet this season, have no fear! There are actually a few great super foods during this time of year, both delicious and healthy for your body. No matter what time of year it is, it is important to watch your diet in order to stay healthy. It is also important to check out Nevada insurance quotes to make sure your health insurance is up to par!

Now, onto the 10 super foods for your Thanksgiving feast:

#1: Pumpkin. Rich in Vitamin A and fiber, pumpkin pie is your best bet at the dessert table!

#2: Cranberry. Pass over the antioxidant sauce! Cranberries are full of fiber, Vitamin C, and a healthy antioxidant, proanthocyanidins (helps prevent urinary tract infections).

#3: Sweet potatoes. Eat the skin, too. It is rich in Vitamin C and Potassium.

#4: Turkey. Pass on the skin. The white meat is lean and packed with protein.

#5: Pomegranates. Crack open this fruit for a large dose of antioxidants.

#6: Pecans. So, the pecan pie may be too much! However, pecans can be added to salads and even stuffing. These nuts are made up of good fats and support muscle strength.

#7: Cinnamon. This spice can be added to any Thanksgiving dish! It will help lower cholesterol and maintain insulin levels in the bloodstream.

#8: Green beans. Fill up your dish with this super food. Greens are a great source of Vitamin C, K, A, fiber, iron, manganese and much more. When prepared lightly, this vegetable is GUILT-FREE!

#9: Red wine. Pass on the sugary cocktails this season. Red wine is healthy for your heart!

#10: Apples. This heart-healthy fiber is naturally sweet and delicious.

It’s not impossible to turn a usually fattening dinner into a healthful meal. With the help of these holiday super foods, you will feel much better the next day.

It’s important to be conscious of your health, no matter what holiday it is. If not, you may find yourself facing serious health issues. If that is the case, it is important to be covered. By looking into Nevada insurance quotes, you can choose the most reliable and affordable policy in health coverage. A typical policy will cover: doctor visits, prescriptions, medical testing, surgical procedures, and specialized care. The last thing you need is health finances to keep you from buying the largest and most delicious turkey!



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