Hold On To Your Homeowners Insurance, Las Vegas!

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The economy and house market may be down, but that does not stop Americans from deciding to sell! Homeowners, be warned: selling your house at this time is going to take a lot of time, patience and probably a few price reductions. It is best to be prepared for the worst; you may find another place to live but that doesn’t mean that your other property is going to sell! No matter what, it is important to make sure your house still has homeowners insurance. Las Vegas residents would not want an unexpected accident to stall the selling-process any more.

Here are a few tips to keep the process moving:

#1: Take care of repairs. Big or small- it doesn’t matter! It is important to keep your home PERFECT.

#2: Take down the frames. You want buyers to picture themselves living in the house. Having family photos and décor all over will make it hard buyers them to do that!

#3: Clean the exterior. Your house should look good from the outside, too! Homes with curb appeal will sell faster than those that look grungy on the outside.

#4: Stay covered. Though you are selling and may not even live in the actual house, it is best to keep your coverage. With homeowners insurance, Las Vegas residents will not have to worry about an unexpected issue. What if a storm comes and causes damage to the exterior? You want to be able to take care of damages and issues as soon as possible in order to keep the potential buyers coming!

#5: Listen to your agent. Your real estate agent is a professional. It is important to take their advice and trust their expertise.

#6: Hire a professional. House still not selling? Hire a professional to stage your home. Hopefully it will set the mood and attract more buyers.

The best piece of advice: be patient and your home will sell. As soon as it does, it is important to inform your insurance company. Now is the time to make sure your new home is properly covered with a typical policy, which will cover: the structure of your home, liability, personal possessions, additional living expenses and replacement costs. Our Las Vegas homeowners insurance can also cater to other needs, such as animal liability, umbrella and much more. Just ask! No matter where you live, protection is the key.