Holiday Weight Loss Tips

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Most of us gain a pound or two during the Holiday season, victims of the endless supply of goodies lying around our homes and businesses.   That pound or two by itself is not the end of world, as long as we commit to losing the weight before the next round of Holiday over-eating.   Here are a few Holiday weight loss tips to drop those extra pounds in short order:

Healthy Hydration

Drink water and lots of it.   We often mistake the thirsty signal from our brain for hunger.   Drinking plenty of water helps keep the stomach full and may reduce the amount of food we eat.   Another suggestion is to avoid sugary drinks, like soda, and the empty calories they add to your diet.

Easy on the Booze

Beer, wine and especially mixed drinks such as mudslides and creamy cocktails pack a punch in the calorie department.   Consume them in moderation if you are working on dropping a few extra pounds.

Protein Power

Consider adding a bit more healthy protein to your diet.   Many studies have shown that a high protein meal creates a feeling of “fullness” longer than a high-carb meal.  Lower fat proteins are best – yogurt, cottage cheese, lean poultry and fish.

Portion Control

Along with watching what you eat, pay attention to how much you eat.  In American we have grown accustom to huge food portions and obesity has become an epidemic as a consequence.  Simply reducing the amount of food you consume will do wonders for weight loss.

Be Realistic

Lastly,  be realistic about your weight loss expectations.  Don’t set goals that cannot possibly be met.  Instead, try to progress daily and lose a small amount of weight each week.   These small victories will keep you on track and motivated to eat healthy and lose the Holiday weight.