Holiday Drinking & Driving Will Increase Your Nevada Insurance Quote

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With Thanksgiving next week, holidays around the corner and New Years Eve shortly after, it is safe to say that many Americans will be celebrating. If you are planning on enjoying a few alcoholic beverages this year, it is important to remember a few things. For one, an overnight bag in case you have to spend the night. Second, drinking and driving may result in a DUI, accident, or worse. If you are involved in any sort of issue on the road, you can be sure that your Nevada insurance quotes will be affected. Your car insurance will be through the roof!

Here are a few things to remember before drinking and hitting the road this season:

-Always pack an overnight bag JUST IN CASE. Your friend or family member will understand if you have to crash there.

-It’s important to stop drinking and sober up at LEAST 2-3 hours before you plan on leaving.

-Be sure to eat enough food along with your drink in order to absorb the alcohol in your system.

-The number of DUI’s is much greater around this time of year. The police are on the lookout for swerving and holiday drivers.

The best way to avoid this incident all together is to simply stay sober. We understand, having a drink with your friends and family is always a good time during the holidays. As long as you know your limit and are smart about it, you should not have a problem.

However, if you are involved in an accident due to drinking and driving, you can expect a DUI and an increase in your Nevada insurance quotes. Your auto insurance is sure spike after such an incident. If you are without auto insurance, then you are in serious trouble. Be sure to check out our policies to stay protected this season. We offer coverage for collision, medical, comprehensive, liability and more. Stay sober and stay safe!

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