Is it time for a home insurance check-up?

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home insurance check-up

When was the last time you pulled out that dusty homeowner insurance policy and read it cover to cover?  For most of us, the answer is probably a very long time ago, if ever.   The reality is that a homeowner insurance policy should be reviewed and updated every few years to ensure it meets your current needs.   Maybe it’s time for a home insurance check-up!

Think about all the changes in your life over the last few years.   Have you purchased jewelry, artwork or firearms?   Have you added a swimming pool?   How about a renovation or addition to your home?    Any of those changes may warrant additional coverage be added to your home insurance, such as a jewelry floater, increased dwelling or other structures coverage.

Or perhaps your policy just needs a tune-up.   During a home insurance check-up  agents look at your coverage limits including personal liability, dwelling replacement cost and deductibles.   Often we can find ways to lower your premium while ensuring you have the right coverage for your lifestyle.   We can look at packaging your auto and home insurance together, which can qualify you for a 10-20% credit.   There may be other discounts available that you are not taking advantage of, such as paperless policy, electronic billing and others.

Get a Free Home Insurance Check-Up!

A home insurance check-up is free and is a great opportunity to meet with the experienced staff at Safeguard Insurance.    Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation review of your home, auto, life or business insurance policies.