How To Buy A House Smart

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how to buy a house smart

Spring is all about new beginnings. And when it comes to buying a home, this is a popular time for individuals to make the leap! Before you start home shopping, check out our helpful how to buy a house smart tips.

Qualifying for a mortgage is certainly the first step to homeownership; however, it does not always mean you should go ahead and make the financial investment that owning a home means. Individuals should also review other aspects of their life and financial situation. Owning a home is a huge step – many say it is the biggest decision they will ever make in their lives, and it is certainly the biggest financial purchase!

How To Buy A House Smart

Here are some things we recommend you consider first:

Do your research: Is now a good time to get into the housing market? Are there homes available for an affordable rate in the area you are looking into? What is the going rate for a home – is it less expensive or more expensive compared to recent times? How much homeowners insurance will you need? The more questions you ask of yourself (and your realtor) the more informed your decision will be.
Review your financial situation: Qualifying for a mortgage is only the first step to buying a home. There are many other costs associated with buying. You will want to consider the cost of moving, furnishing the home, maintaining the home inside and outside and obtaining the proper insurance to keep the home protected. You may also want to consider the additional cost of utilities, home security or any other additions you plan to have. Can you comfortably afford the added costs?
Assess the home: Reviewing the cost of the home and the neighborhood is the first step. You also want to consider the school district, the home’s history, and even the neighbors. You are going to commit to living here, so you want to be sure you will do so happily.

You can always talk to us about any questions or concerns as you make this big step in your life! We’re happy to be your trusted resource!

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