How To Save Money On Gas This Summer

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Summer is here and school is out. You might be thinking about taking some vacations. Perhaps a road trip or two? If the idea of a road trip unsettles you (and not because you’re imagining arguments between your children in the backseat), then we have good news. The cost of traveling in your car for some summer family enjoyment does not have to be astronomical!

Being on a budget does not mean you should have to skimp on your family vacation this summer. When it comes to traveling by car, we understand that gas can get expensive. However, there are many strategies out there that motorists can use to save on gas by extending the mileage they get out of their tanks. This is good news for summer vacation road-trippers everywhere!

So before you think about cancelling that summer road trip due to the price of gas, consider these tips for how to save money on gas.

• Did you know that if you carry a lot of excess weight in the trunk, you could be weighing down your car and using more gas? It’s true! So get rid of that “junk in the trunk”.
• Check your tire pressure regularly, as it is reported by the Department of Energy that keeping tires properly inflated can improve mileage.
• Driving faster may not actually get you to your destination sooner, but it will cause you to use more gas.
• Your engine uses more fuel when it is idling than it may when you are driving. Avoid keeping the car running when you are waiting – no matter how hot it seems outside without the AC on!

In the last several years, gas prices have drastically risen. Summer time is the most common time for those increases. But that should not mean you can’t take your road trips!

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