Insurance Changes Every Day, Your Protection Doesn’t Have To

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Insurance Changes Every Day, Your Protection Doesn’t Have To

Our favorite day of the year is finally here – June 28, Insurance Awareness Day! Although we could certainly talk to you for an extended period of time about all of the reasons why we feel you will need insurance in your lifetime, we’ll spare you… (today).

With all of the rapid advances in technology, insurance changes are inevitable. We don’t just mean healthcare reform or changes in policies, either. We mean that the way insurance is bought and sold has changed. The reasons people need insurance has changed. And even the type of policies people can obtain has changed.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the changes we’ve noticed in the insurance industry over the last several years.

1. Security & Privacy: In the years following 9/11, there has been much debate over the amount of information we make available and how much information and insight about an individual is too much. Since data has gone increasingly “digital” over the last several years, technology has made it increasingly impossible for your personal information not to be available online. Insurance agencies have worked hard to keep your personal information personal and to make available insurance services that keep you safe – digitally and in your daily life.
2. Digital & Mobile Media: The emergence of mobile and digital media has completely altered the way in which consumers make purchase decisions. Insurance agencies have worked hard to “go digital”. Many individuals make insurance transactions via their mobile phones and the insurance industry has had to adapt.
3. Social Media: To the same extent, social media has altered the insurance industry. Consumers live in a world where they need to be increasingly “on at all times”. This means that when it comes to claims, questions and concerns about their policy and even obtaining a policy or information about one, insurance agencies need to also be “on at all times”. Social media has made this sharing of information possible and created a sphere for insurance agencies to occupy.

Just because insurance changes, it does not mean your protection needs to. The best way to stay on top of your needs and maintain adequate and comprehensive coverage is to talk to your agent! At Safeguard Insurance, we always put your needs first – all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call!

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